We believe that every child deserves the chance to play, learn, and grow. Our Sports program is designed to harness the transformative power of sports in building confidence, instilling discipline, and promoting overall well-being. Through a variety of sports activities, we empower children to overcome challenges, develop crucial life skills, and build lasting friendships.

Our sports initiatives are not just about scoring goals or making baskets; they're about building a foundation of teamwork and collaboration that extends beyond the field. Save a Child Norway encourages children to work together, fostering a spirit of unity and shared achievement that transcends cultural and geographic boundaries.

Meet the young champions whose lives have been transformed through Save a Child Norway's Sports program. Read inspiring stories of children who have overcome adversity, gained confidence, and discovered their potential through the joy of sports. These success stories showcase the tangible impact of our work and highlight the resilience of the children we support.

Your support can help us expand our Sports program, reaching even more children in need. Whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading the word, you can play a crucial role in empowering children around the world.

As we celebrate the universal joy of sports, Save a Child Norway invites you to be a part of our mission. Together, let's continue using the power of play to create a world where every child has the opportunity to thrive, dream, and build a brighter future.