Welcome to Save a Child Norway's Volunteer Program, where your passion meets purpose! Join us in our mission to make a positive change in the lives of children around the world. By becoming a Save a Child Norway volunteer, you can be a catalyst for change, helping us create a brighter and better future for children in need.

At Save a Child Norway, our commitment to children extends far beyond borders. By volunteering with us, you'll be part of a global movement that transcends geographical boundaries, making a lasting impact on the lives of children in diverse communities

Our volunteer programs encompass a wide range of meaningful projects, addressing critical issues such as education, healthcare, nutrition, and more. Whether you're passionate about empowering youth through education or ensuring access to clean water, there's a project that aligns with your skills and interests.

Education is the cornerstone of a brighter future. As a volunteer with Save a Child Norway, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to educational initiatives that empower children to break the cycle of poverty, fostering a sense of hope and possibility for a better tomorrow.

Our programs focus on the holistic development of children, ensuring their physical, emotional, and mental well-being. By volunteering, you become an essential part of a comprehensive approach that addresses the unique needs of each child, promoting their overall growth and happiness.

Browse through our diverse range of volunteer opportunities, each designed to address specific needs and make a meaningful impact. Whether you have skills in education, healthcare, community development, or advocacy, there's a role for you.