An orphan or vulnerable child is a child who is at high risk of lacking adequate care and protection due to parental death, disease, disaster or acute poverty. The term orphan can be further defined as a child whose mother (maternal orphan), father (paternal orphan) or both (double orphan) have died.

Childhood undernutrition is a global problem contributing to more than a third of under-five mortality. Orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) fare worse than children living with their parents. However, the nutritional and healthcare needs of OVC are under-recognized among the most humble children. The children are characterised by stunting, wasting and underweight.

Malnourished children are more susceptible to sickness and missing school, they also find it harder to concentrate and succeed in their studies. Children from impoverished families often have only one meal a day, which is not enough. We supplement this with Nucleo, a nutrient-packed super-shake, specifically designed to boost general health and immunity. Nucleo also boosts the health of adults and children who are starting HIV treatment or having health problems.