We are a compassionate non-profit organization, unwavering in its commitment to making a profound difference in the lives of vulnerable children hailing from the most impoverished backgrounds. Firmly rooted in its stance of neutrality from political and religious beliefs, our mission is to uplift the voiceless and less privileged children, especially those in economically challenged regions.

In our relentless pursuit of a better future, we strive to enhance the livelihoods of these children by championing their rights and empowering them with the tools needed to break free from the cycle of poverty. Our focus extends to the far reaches of less developed countries, where the need is most critical.
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Our mission

We strive to go beyond mere assistance, aiming to empower these children to pursue and achieve their dreams. Through tailored support systems, educational opportunities, and avenues to explore their passions, we envision a future where these less happy children not only dream but also witness the transformation of those dreams into tangible realities.

Save a child Norway is dedicated to guiding these children through life. We are committed to creating a world where happiness is a universal right, and every child has the opportunity to flourish when provided with the necessary tools, encouragement, and unwavering support.

Together, we are shaping a brighter future, one where the dreams of the most less happy children become not only conceivable but also achievable, fostering a sense of joy that transcends their current circumstances.

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Explore the heartwarming world of "Save a Child Norway" through a diverse gallery capturing the essence of childhood joy, transformative education initiatives, and a commitment to health and nutrition. Immerse yourself in a community-driven spirit, witness the positive impact of emergency response efforts, and discover the strength of partnerships. Through inspiring success stories, observe the organization's unwavering dedication to championing the rights and well-being of Norwegian children, creating a brighter future for all.

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