In developed countries, an orphan or vulnerable child is a child facing an elevated risk of inadequate care and protection due to circumstances such as parental loss, illness, unforeseen disasters, or extreme economic hardship. The term "orphan" may be further specified to refer to a child who has lost their mother (maternal orphan), father (paternal orphan), or both parents (double orphan).

Childhood malnutrition remains a prevalent global issue, contributing to over one-third of under-five mortality rates. Orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in developed nations often experience worse health and nutritional outcomes compared to children living with their parents. However, the nutritional and healthcare needs of these vulnerable children from underserved backgrounds are frequently overlooked.

These children may exhibit symptoms such as stunted growth, wasting, and being underweight. Malnourished children in developed countries are more susceptible to illness, absenteeism from school, and face challenges in focusing and succeeding in their studies. Many children from low-income families might have access to only one meal a day, which is insufficient to meet their nutritional requirements.

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